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Wrongful Death

Dealing with a wrongful death can be an incredibly difficult time for you and your family. Knowing where to turn or what processes to start is confusing and stressful, which is the last thing you need during such a challenging time. Allow a Wrongful Death Accident attorney to help guide you through the process and facilitate recovering what you are rightfully owed. Insurance companies only have their interests at heart and will use whatever tools they can to avoid compensating you to the extent you deserve.

In Port Richey, FL, the first call after a Wrongful Death Accident should be to an attorney specializing in the field. Call the number (727) 645-6683 at any time to speak to an attorney and receive a free consultation with no risk of obligation. At Berge Law, P.A., we will stand with and fight alongside you against the insurance company. We know the typical tactics and strategies they use to swindle as much money away from you as possible. Wrongful death is already an incredibly challenging subject to deal with and can cause a great deal of stress and trauma. The last thing you need is to exacerbate the circumstances by contending with an insurance agency to get what you are rightfully owed.

A Wrongful Death Accident attorney will help conduct the civil proceedings for your case as a separate entity from any possible criminal proceedings following a wrongful death. Regardless of the criminal trial outcome, you may still have the chance to recover monetary damages from the at-fault party. Berge Law, P.A., will help determine the possible value of your case and build a strong compilation of evidence to prove liability in a wrongful death accident. In Port Richey, FL, drunk or impaired driving fatalities make up 25% of all fatalities on the road. With such a high risk, make sure to give yourself and your family every opportunity to be compensated fairly for the pain and suffering you have experienced.

The deceased’s spouse, parents, children, or any other dependent related by blood or legally adopted has the right to file a wrongful death accident claim. For this claim to be successful, liability has to be proven. The at-fault party’s insurance agency will stop at nothing to shoot down your case, which is why being adequately equipped is crucial.

Hiring a Wrongful Death Accident attorney will give you and your family peace of mind during these trying times. You can rest assured that Berge Law, P.A., will combat the insurance company with its extensive set of tools, accumulated over a successful career and numerous successful cases. If you don’t know where to start and are confused about what you may be entitled to, contact Berge Law, P.A., at any time to consult with an expert Wrongful Death Accident attorney. In cases like these, what you don’t know can hurt you, so it is imperative to use all of the resources at your disposal. Let our office start the process of filing before the insurance companies have the chance. Call (727) 645-6683 at any time of day or night to speak with a Wrongful Death Accident Attorney in Port Richey, FL.

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