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If you have been injured in an accident, check yourself for injuries and check your passengers. Make sure you get out of traffic and call the police. Control your emotions, exchange information, and then get a photo of the other party’s driver’s license, registration, insurance documents, and license plates, if you can. Take pictures of both cars and pictures of any physical injuries to anyone in the car or any witnesses.

Should I Call The Police After An Accident? Am I Able To Get A Police Report?

You should always call the police after an accident, so that is documented. There will be a crash report number and there is a website where you can buy the police report. Your attorney’s office can also get it for you and email it to you.

Should I Ever Admit Fault For An Accident In Front Of The Other Party Under Any Circumstances?

You should never admit fault under any circumstances.

I Was Struck By A Driver With Little To No Insurance. Do I Have Any Chance Of Being Compensated For My Injuries?

Some people carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. I always suggest that everyone carries it because you never know who is driving on the road without insurance or with low insurance limits. It is not required to carry bodily injury insurance coverage in Florida and the percentage of people on the road without any insurance at all is quite high. The chance of getting compensation depends on what kind of policies are held.

What Is PIP? How Does It Apply To A Personal Injury Claim In Florida?

In the state of Florida, it is mandatory that all drivers carry personal injury protection, or “no-fault” car insurance. Personal injury protection insurance will pay for any injuries you experience from a car accident, despite who may have been at fault.

What Is Covered By PIP Insurance In Florida?

Many, if not most, medical costs are covered by PIP. It also covers death benefits and lost wages. In Florida, you get to decide if you want your PIP to cover other household members or just you. The state also only pays 80% of your PIP-covered medical expenses. If you have $5,000 worth of injuries, PIP is going to pay $4,000 of it. Some practices, like acupuncture or massage therapy, are not covered by PIP. Below are eligible PIP claims:

  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Ambulatory services
  • Medical services
  • Medications
  • Surgical procedures and services
  • Hospital expenses
  • Diagnostic services

However, if you were not treated within 14 days of your car accident, then no PIP coverage applies. This coverage applies if you owned the car that you were driving at the time of your accident, or if your blood relative or spouse owned it. The claim you make must be with your PIP insurance carrier.

Eligibility for PIP Benefits

No one wants to skip work due to an accident and not get paid. If you must take time off from work due to your accident, then you will have to provide your insurance provider with a Wage and Salary Verification. This is a document that will show how much you earned working in the 13 weeks before the accident, for the insurance provider to be aware of how much they must pay you. Personal injury protection coverage covers up to 60% of missing wages.

If the injuries you have sustained from your car accident are not considered to be an emergency, PIP will only entitle you to $2,500 of benefits. However, this should not be of much concern if you have a reliable and insurance policy that will cover the remaining costs.

How Do I File A PIP Claim In Florida?

By law, Florida residents that own a vehicle are required to have Personal Injury Protection as a part of their automobile insurance coverage. In the event of an accident, you file an insurance claim and it pays for your injuries, regardless of who is at-fault. Accident attorneys work to recover benefits for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses that result from your car accident. They can inform you of your rights and guide you through the Florida no-fault system.

If you have recently been in a car accident and are having trouble understanding Florida PIP laws, make sure you are getting the right help you need. Berge Law, P.A. is able to help you get the PIP benefits you deserve. Call (727) 645-6683 now for a free consultation.

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