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In Florida, we have a lot of big semi-trucks and trucks that are transporting. There are dozens of injuries every year just concerning trucking accidents. The most common causes are truckers being tired overtired, overworked, and not following the laws about taking breaks. Distractions, fatigue, inexperience in their driving, substance abuse, speeding, poorly constructed roads, weather, and equipment defects can also be factors.

What Are Some Severe Injuries Resulting From Semi-Truck Accidents?

Traumatic brain injuries, death fractures, neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, disfigurement, internal organ damage, burns, and PTSD are all serious injuries that can result from trucking accidents.

Who Is Generally Held Liable In A Wreck Involving A Truck Or A Semi-Truck In Florida?

Usually, the commercial insurance company that the trucking company uses will be liable in a trucking accident.

Does It Ever Make Sense To Go After Or File A Claim Against The Driver Individually?

If the driver was in their scope of work during the accident, then they were working under their company. The company is liable for what their worker was doing; the driver is not.

How Does It Impact My Trucking Accident Claim If The Company That Owns The Truck Is Based In Another State?

The policy of the at-fault driver or the commercial policy of their employer would be out of whatever state that they procured the policy in, so it makes a difference. You would still file a lawsuit in the place where the accident happened. If you have PIP because your policy is out of Florida, you still have PIP you can use.

Is It Even Worth It To File Suit Against Big Corporate Trucking Companies?

It is always worth it to file a claim or lawsuit, if you are injured.

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