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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents In Port Richey, FL

Florida is one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians, according to statistics. Pedestrians in Florida take a gamble with their lives when they choose to walk instead of ride or commute in a vehicle. No one really thinks about getting hit by a car or vehicle when out for a walk. But sadly, it happens more frequently than you can imagine. In most cases, a pedestrian gets hit due to an inattentive driver. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents often result in severe injuries that can end up being fatal.

If you or a loved one was involved in a pedestrian accident, you may have the right to seek legal recourse. An experienced pedestrian accidents attorney can assess your particular case and determine how to best move forward. At Berge Law, P.A. in Port Richey, FL, our pedestrian accidents attorney has helped our clients obtain favorable compensation for their damages. By retaining a pedestrian accidents attorney at Berge Law P.A., you have a greater chance of maximizing your settlement.

Common Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

The most common causes of pedestrian accidents include distracted driving and poor visibility. A driver who does not exercise reasonable care while driving, drives under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, or drives distracted can seriously injure a pedestrian attempting to cross the street or on a crosswalk.

The following are the most common causes of pedestrian accidents:

  • Distracted Driving: A driver who is checking and answering texts on their cellphone can easily hit a pedestrian in a matter of seconds. Looking down or away from the road is similar to driving blind.
  • Reckless Driving: Drivers who are negligent in their actions, such as swerving and speeding through traffic, may not have the ability to stop on time for a pedestrian who is legally crossing the road.
  • Driving Under the Influence: Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is a major cause of pedestrian accidents. Drivers who are intoxicated are impaired and typically do not have the clarity to make the right decisions, especially at a moment’s notice.
  • Poor Visibility: If a driver does not have his or her headlights on, they could strike a pedestrian crossing the road at night since their visibility would be poor.
  • Pedestrian Negligence: The rules of the road are shared by both drivers and pedestrians. Pedestrians also have the responsibility to practice caution and safety. Ignoring crosswalk signs or crossing the road illegally can actualize dire consequences.

If you are struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross the street in a designated crosswalk, hiring a knowledgeable pedestrian accidents attorney to represent you is critically important. At Berge Law, P.A., we are committed to helping our clients get through the challenging process of collecting fair compensation. We will stand by your side from beginning to end. Allow our pedestrian accidents attorney to take care of all communication and paperwork between the parties involved. You will not have to worry about whether the paperwork submitted is complete and correct, and whether you are making the right moves. Our aim is to make sure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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