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We take accidents seriously, we understand that dealing with unexpected accident injuries can be difficult, stressful, all while trying to maintain real life circumstances and responsibilities. As for missing time from work not being planned, and the incurring of medical expenses. If you have been hurt in any personal injury matter, you could be legally entitled to compensation for your damages, injury’s, pain & suffering, wage loss, and more. During the starting stages of the claim process, you could potentially be without your vehicle due to the damages caused in the accident. you could be in limbo waiting for the insurance companies (including your own) to get you into a rental vehicle while they do there own investigation to establish liability. We would like to help expedite the process, so if you were call or web inquire to schedule a consultation with Berge Law, P.A. we can come to you to make it easy and convenient as possible. We meet clients upon request at their home or in the Hospital, with other options or locations available upon request. You are always welcome to visit our office. Berge Law, P.A. also offers online Electronic-Sign options. We can go over everything on a phone call while speaking to the attorney directly, or optional 2-way face-to-face video conference upon your request. Electronic Web Based Sign Ups or Consultations are taken place using an encrypted software to protect your personal information to keep everything safe and confidential.

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