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Dog Bite

At Berge Law, P.A., the highest priority is minimizing stress and hardship for our clients while providing the highest degree of service available. As an experienced Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Port Richey, FL, cases like these are handled day in and day out. Our office will work with you to ensure you are fairly compensated for these trying times and painful circumstances.

Dog bite injuries are most prevalent among younger demographics, which means that often, children are the victims of these injuries. On top of that startling fact, the injuries can be quite severe and require extensive medical treatment. Combined with the possibility of lost wages or emotional suffering, a dog bite injury can leave a lasting effect on your life and mental fortitude.

If you or a loved one is the victim of a dog bite injury, the first step that should be taken is seeking medical attention. Even if the damage may appear minor, there can be underlying issues and the possibility of infection if improperly treated. Proper documentation by a medical professional is also crucial in building a strong case. Like a car accident or any other personal injury case, adequate documentation will be a key piece of evidence when battling the insurance agency. As soon as you have been adequately cared for by a medical professional, immediately get in touch with a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Port Richey, FL. Call Berge Law, P.A., 24 hours a day to speak with your attorney. Conduct your free consultation with absolutely no obligation.

While recovering damages is a primary focus in dog bite injuries, another major consideration is preventing the dog from injuring anyone else. Immediately contact a Dog Bite Injury Attorney, and they will assist in building your case. Once evidence is provided and the police have been alerted to the dangerous animal, the officers’ official report is used to bolster your case. The at-fault party’s insurance agency will employ many tactics to disparage your claim, but all of these pieces of evidence will aid in proving liability.

Dog bites can mean significant physical damage and lasting pain for their victims. Because of the vicious nature of most dog bite attacks, permanent cosmetic damage can also be caused. Plastic surgery to repair injuries can be incredibly expensive and require multiple operations to be seen through to completion. A seasoned Dog Bite Injury Attorney will foresee all of the needed expenses and combine them to find an estimated value for your case. Never approach these cases without the help of an attorney, or you risk overlooking invaluable pieces of evidence building the case. Retaining an attorney in Port Richey, FL, can mean the difference in thousands of dollars in damage compensation you are rightfully owed.

In dog bite injury cases, the insurance agency can be even more vicious than the animal involved in the attack. With so much experience in cases of this nature, we are aware of and prepared to handle all of these agencies’ typical strategies. If you or a loved one was involved in an attack, contact a knowledgeable Dog Bite Injury Attorney at Berge Law, P.A., and begin the process of getting the compensation you deserve today.

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